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                        The Road Not Taken

                        高姗 The Road Not Taken

                        歌曲The Road Not Taken为2015-1-12 11:56:36入库是高姗在2015-1-12发行的专辑The Road Not Taken(单曲)?#20998;?#30340;好听的歌曲 下面同步的是高姗 The Road Not TakenLrc同步歌词随后会自动加载高姗 The Road Not Taken文字歌词
                        The Road Not Taken
                        Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
                        I"d go back and rechoose if I could
                        But here I lay now, sick and so confused
                        Was it a lie or was it all true
                        Sleep now gently my darling love,
                        Don"t let my worries trouble you
                        People try hard to forget
                        But memories always stay
                        Nightmares and dreams of long passed things
                        Try and chase me away from sleep
                        All that time I spent in the dark
                        Just like that; I"m in the light;
                        Everything will be fine
                        Notice all the similarities
                        We go together like the birds and bees
                        Just imagine what all could have happened
                        Every one I knew would long be dead
                        What really goes on behind closed doors
                        Makes me secretly cry out loud
                        Within all these horror stories
                        Lay many times of regret
                        Always in such a frightened state
                        Trapped in an imaginary cage
                        Living life day by day
                        And soon enough; some day;
                        I"ll come out and play
                        In a world where everything is upside down I try hard not to lose my mind
                        Things keep getting worse so I tell myself everything will be fine
                        I want to grow up and be a real bad cop
                        In the end, it"ll work
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